Exams | Contact Lenses | Laser Vision Correction (LASIK) | Computer-Related Vision Problems


It doesn’t matter how groovy your glasses are if your prescription isn’t right. Or if you have an underlying condition that could be picked up in your exam – such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or neurological disorder – and it gets missed.

That’s why Urban Eyecare is dedicated to providing high-quality, full-service optical medical services.

We take the time to explain any tests or procedures, review our findings, and match our recommendations to your lifestyle – including glasses, contacts, laser vision correction, and even solutions for computer-related vision problems.

We use the latest technology, and when necessary, partner with surgeons and other health care facilities in the area to ensure you get the best possible care. Our doctors have the highest degree of optometry, and are certified to medically manage and treat ocular disease, including:

Contact Lens related eye infections
Corneal infections⁄scratches
Ocular allergies
Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
Dry Eye Syndrome
Macular degeneration
Diabetic eye disease